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Committee Chair - Ryan Olthof

Members - Jon Zwiers, Christie Martens

Mandate - To work with the General Manager to ensure that the AGM and convention runs smoothly and that speakers are arranged, prizes available and the Trade Show has a full slate of vendors.

Download the Final Registration Form Here

Convention 2014 Update

Although it is still summer and we're all busy taking in the crop, a mere 12 weeks separates us from that first Alberta snowstorm that seems to mark the start of the ABC AGM & convention. Our familiar location at the Fantasyland convention center will again host us, and the committee has lined up an interesting slate of speakers and entertainment this year.


The list of speakers has been mostly finalized and features among others:

1. Dr. Leonard Foster, whose lab at UBC is involved in cutting edge microbiology research

2. David Wick of Bee Alert Technology, involved in research and production of hive monitoring tools

3. Maria Trainer of CropLife who will update us on PMRA and Ontario bee kills

4. Tim Tucker, ABF president and visiting beekeeper profile

5. Our own Alberta based researchers, Steve Pernal, Medhat Nasr and Shelly Hoover

6. Tim Townsend on food safety and Gilbert Wolfe profiling his operation

7. Gail Wyant from McCormick


There are a few things to begin thinking about before the convention opens:

Do you know a worthy candidate to nominate for a Lifetime achievement award?

Do you have anything to donate for the Silent Auction and Presidents Luncheon?

Most importantly, please begin writing resolutions for the AGM. Call your fellow beekeepers and submit a well written resolution beforehand so that timely discussion can take place and everyone can familiarize themselves with the topics at hand. Please consider submitting the above to the office as soon as you are able.

Finally, it's almost an unwritten rule that unless your back is still aching from lifting those heavy supers this summer, that you must bring your hockey equipment to play in the early morning Drones hockey game.

See you all in November!