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Committee Chair - Ryan Olthof

Members -  Christie Martens

Mandate - To work with the General Manager to ensure that the AGM and convention runs smoothly and that speakers are arranged, prizes available and the Trade Show has a full slate of vendors.



2014 ABC AGM and Convention Report

Convention 2014 has wrapped up and by all accounts was a success.  Again, most of the thanks goes to our Gertie, our General Manager for her tireless efforts in making sure everything ran smoothly.  Overall, I am happy with the slight changes to the venue that allowed for more coffee and vendor space and also switching the Presidents luncheon to buffet style so we are not all waiting with mouths watering.  Overall, registration numbers matched past conventions as many out of province beekeepers attended.  There seemed to be an optimistic spirit in the room that I would attribute to a decent crop and good sales price.

Look elsewhere in this issue for the resolutions to be printed.  We will also have them on the website in due time.  Most of resolutions that were passed dealt with the package bee issue and gives the board a clear message going forward as to what the membership wants on this issue.  We must also thank Dave Tharle for his ongoing work on the labour issue.  Be sure to continue checking the website when we get the final information from Service Canada on wage rates and other outstanding issues.

The hospitality evening was another success and over $1200 was raised for Kyndra's Foundation of Love.  The morning hockey game, although missing some huge names still happens way to early for this writer.  Fueled by coffee and half speed faculties, there was still a decent turnout.  A Molson third star mention goes to Clint from Beemaid who skated circles around the crowd, but couldn't lift his team to victory.  Thanks again to our sponsers for this event.

Please send feedback to the office if you think anything can be improved in the future.  Overall, the board recommends that we continue meeting in Edmonton for it's central venue in the province.  We must also keep the convention at three days, since some years can have lengthy business meetings and there is already a tight schedule to work with.  Our next province wide meeting will be at the annual IPM event in Edmonton in February, 2015.  See you all there!