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Committee Chair - Dave Tharle

Members -Mike DeJong, Todd Eastman

Mandate - To work on behalf of the Alberta Beekeepers on all labour related issues.  

UPDATE: New Information for Employers hiring workers from the Philippines
POLO has a website with information giving the new requirements on obtaining a "Red Ribbon" by employers in Canada of Filipino workers. The purpose of this organization (POLO) is to verify job/employer/business and employer/employee contracts with attached addendum between Canadian employers and the government of the Philippines. After verification of all requirements and the release of a red ribbon by POLO, the worker will be able to obtain an exit visa from Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).
"Please note all the requirements on the "Name Hire" sheet, especially the new one that asks for a copy of the work visa in the passport of your Filipino worker.  POLO is being very strict and will send back all documents in the return envelope you provided, if all the requirements are not fulfilled.
It is possible for some to avoid extending processing times with this new work visa requirement.  You can request that POLO process your application without the copy of the work visa and then submitted it to them after the employee receives it.  This will only be allowed if you have received such an permission in writing/email before making your application.  A copy of this allowance must be included with the application.
NOTE: Such allowances are only being given on a trial basis to previous employers.  If we fail to follow through, we will likely loose this shortcut."
Attached is the link to the POLO website for information out of Vancouver:
Agency hire requirement and the addendum requirements:
UPDATE: Information on employers hiring workers from Mexico through SAWP
Applications sent in January of 2015 had a 10-14 day turnaround from Service Canada with approvals as long as all requirements were met. One of the biggest problems has been the information included in the job postings by the employers. They want details and you can find everything that Service Canada wants at this link under advertisement:
Once getting approval of LMIA from Service Canada for your SAWP worker, you need to get in touch with Vacation World Travel out of Calgary to reserve flights. They suggest at least two months ahead of time. Sandra or Karla are the ones to contact there about workers. Their contact information is:


Karla Inac

Sandra Gomez 

Vacation World Travel
103-5809 Macleod Trail South
Calgary, Alberta   Canada T2H 0J9
Phone: (403) 265-0431 // Fax: (403) 290-1423