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Marketing Council

Committee Chair - Grant Hicks

Members - Kevin Nixon, Landen Stronks, Christie Martens

Mandate - To address any concerns brought by members on the activities of the Alberta Beekeeper Commission.



The Boards and Commissions' primary responsibilities are to initiate and carry out projects or programs to commence, stimulate, increase or improve the production and/or marketing of an agricultural product, and serve as the voice of the industry they represent. 

MAPA enables these organizations to assess and collect service charge, commonly known as check-off, to fund their operational activities and undertake various initiatives that would benefit their respective industry. 

More information on the Boards and Commissions can be obtained by contacting them directly or by visiting their website indicated below. 


There are 14 Commissions established under MAPA. All Commissions have a refundable status (i.e. All producers must pay a service charge which they can request to be refunded partially or fully).


The regulations governing Alberta Beekeepers include: