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Crop Spraying - Pollination

Committee Chair - Ryan Olthof

Members - Adam Ovinge, Landen Stronks, Greg Nikles

Mandate - To work with farmers and regulator agencies to prevent colony losses through education and communication.

The 2015 Alberta Crop Protection "Blue Book" Guide is now available for download

Canadian Honey Council/Canadian Seed Trade Association Press Release


December 12, 2014

In 2011, the Canadian Honey Council (CHC) and a number of industry partners began discussions on ways to improve honey bee health. As discussions progressed, the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) in close consultation with its corn and soybean company members and the CHC took a significant step forward to mitigate risk to pollinators by recently implementing a major pesticide reduction program for corn and soybean seed sold in Canada. By reducing the application rate of seed applied insecticides and introducing more fungicide only options this industry lead program is estimated to see an overall reduction of the pesticide load across Canada in 2015 by 15% in corn and 9% in soybeans. In 2016 the reduction will climb to 31% in corn and 18% in soybeans for a combined overall pesticide reduction of 49%. This will significantly reduce the amount of seed applied insecticide used in Ontario; the province with the largest acreage of corn and soybeans.

Click here for the CHC Press Release...PDF
Click here for the CSTA Backgrounder Document....PDF

Canola Council of Canada Videos

The Canola Council filmed some interviews with beekeepers and canola growers in field last summer, talking about how they get along and work together.  They have  cut them into a few videos; some for consumers, and one specifically for famers. They are currently hosting them on their YouTube channel, and will be screening them for all interested parties. We’re excited for the opportunity to tell our story, which is one we believe to be a good news story for western Canadian agriculture.  The link is:

1.            Canola and Bees: Working together

2.            Canola and Bees: A sweet relationship

3.            Canola and Bees: Producing premium honey

4.            Bee Health: A concern of two industries


Alberta Aerial Applicators Association

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Canadian Aerial Applicators Association

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