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Food Safety - Biosecurity

Committee Chair -Tim Townsend

Members -Paul Greidanus, Christie Martens

Mandate - To improve and help interpret communication lines between industry members and governing forces with regards to food safety policy. 


Canadian Bee Industry Safety Quality Traceability program (CBISQT) successfully completed. 

The Canadian Honey Council is very pleased to announce that CBISQT has passed the final hurdle, the technical review,  and is available for producers to voluntarily adopt. Paticular thanks go out to Tim Townsend and Robert McDonald who worked diligently to complete the process.

Click here for the CBISQT Producer Manual......(PDF)

Click here for the CBISQT Apiary Flow Chart.....(PDF) 

Click here for the CBISQT Honeyhouse Flow Chart.....(PDF)



National Bee Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard


The National Bee Farm-level Biosecurity Standard forms the basis of a comprehensive voluntary program designed to provide practical guidance for owners or managers involved in the three main Canadian bee sectors: honey bees, alfalfa leafcutting bees, and bumblebees. The Standard was developed in partnership with representatives from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), the Canadian Honey Council (on behalf of provincial beekeeping and honey producer associations), provincial apiarists, and the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists. Funding was supplied by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada under Growing Forward.


The Canadian bee industry has practised farm-level biosecurity for many years. The objective of a national standard is to provide a consistent, country-wide approach to the implementation of biosecurity practices for both small- and largescale operations. The development of farm-level biosecurity standards is a national initiative within and across agriculture industries, including both animals and plants. Beekeeping was identified as a priority sector for developing a voluntary farm-level biosecurity standard.

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CFIA Draft Integrated Agency Inspection Model Document

The draft Integrated Agency Inspection Model document is now available for comment:

Consultation on the integrated model includes parties regulated under the Seeds, Fertilizer, Plant Breeders Rights, Plant Protection, Feeds and Health of Animals Acts, as well as those regulated under the Safe Food for Canadians Act.

Comments received will then be used to finalize the Integrated Agency Inspection Model, which will replace the Improved Food Inspection Model.



Notice from Alberta Beekeepers Food Safety Committee

At the 2010 Alberta Beekeepers AGM, two motions were made and passed in regards to Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) establishment registration & inspection processes, to address any related problems or issues for producers.


The ABC Food Safety Committee is requesting that all producers forward their written comments to the Alberta Beekeepers Commission office at  Producers are asked to include any comments, whether good, bad, confused, etc., on either of the following issues…


  • My establishment is not registered with CFIA, and I have not been seeking registration with CFIA because…
  • My establishment is registered with CFIA, and I have the following comments in regards to the CFIA inspection process...

Producers need to forward any written comments to the ABC office prior to April 1st, 2011.  This will ensure that the Food Safety Committee can follow up on any producer’s comments, quickly rectify any relevant issues/problems with CFIA and report back to the membership.


Any producer who may be seeking to register their facilities with CFIA, are encouraged by the ABC Food Safety Committee to contact Connie Zagrosh with CFIA.  Recently at the IPM meeting in February, Connie Zagrosh and Sam Barlin provided members in attendance with a valuable presentation titled ‘Back to Basics – 3R’s – Regulation, Registration, Responsibility.’  This presentation is available for members to download at the ABC’s website at, and will assist producers with a step by step understanding of how the registration and inspection processes work.  Members are also reminded that they may also download food safety programs and templates on the ABC’s website, to assist in developing their own written food safety programs.


CFIA/FSEP Written Program Templates for honey producers



Canadian Honey Industry Bulk Container Standard

Click here for the barrel standard link....